The White House promised a memo on Biden’s authority to cancel student debt. Where is it? – NBC News

WASHINGTON At the beginning of April, White House chief of staff Ron Klain gave proponents of student debt cancellation a glimmer of hope when he announced President Joe Biden had asked the Education… [+5775 Cute doodles em português]

Senate GOP unveils its $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer to Biden — here’s what’s in it – CNBC

Senate Republicans unveiled their $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer to President Joe Biden on Thursday, as the sides see whether they can bridge an ideological gulf to strike a bipartisan deal… [+5167 Cute doodles em português]

‘A ticking timebomb’: Democrats’ push for voting rights law faces tortuous path – The Guardian

The fight to voteDemocrats have yet to convince their entire Senate caucus to back the House-passed For the People Act let alone beat the filibuster Thu 27 May 2021 12.00 BST After six months of ag… [+8575 Cute doodles em português]

Biden asks intelligence agencies to ‘redouble’ efforts to determine origins of the coronavirus – NBC News

WASHINGTON President Joe Biden has asked the intelligence community to redouble its efforts to get to the bottom of the origins of the coronavirus, after new reports raised questions about whether it… [+3349 Cute doodles em português]